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Observer Direct

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Call 020-7 24 365 (from abroad +46 13 32 75 00) or let us contact you for free consultation

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Welcome to a more secure workplace

As our client, you get Sweden’s most asked for business alarm systems, together with our full commitment. We assist you with everything from installation and connection to our dedicated alarm centre with 24-hour monitoring, service and correct action. We are always there for you. 

Theft and Burglary

Securitas Direct can offer customised intrusion alarms for all kinds of premises and areas. The well known Securitas Direct sticker alone works as a deterrent.

Threats and Assaults

A monitored security solution will substantially increase personnel safety – and should there be an incident, your security officer and the Police will receive instant information.


If not stopped in time, fire consumes everything in its way. It’s potentially fatal and brings great economic loss. A professional fire alarm system makes all the difference.


Large sums disappear without a trace from Swedish companies, every day. A strategically placed camera, connected to our alarm centre, can save your company big money.


Daily operations must be safe and dependable. Machines simply can’t stop, refrigerators can’t break down and so on. A detector reacting on stoppage will minimise your damage.

Camera Services

Cameras are superior when it comes to securing employees and property. Our camera service Observer Direct gives you quick and accurate real-time information when something happens.

Now we can observe a course of events in real time, see when something
is about to happen and study the incident afterwards, in full HD
quality. Both indoors and outdoors.

Företagets främsta kameralösning.

Top 10 reasons to choose Securitas Direct

As a client with Securitas Direct, you get so much more than just a business alarm. From our first contact with you we guarantee supreme service, and we always include a number of services to your business security solution. And don’t forget – you can call us for support around-the-clock .

  • Security on your terms

Our solutions are tailor made for you. Our advice, professional qualification and actions are always based on your needs and requirements.

  • Free advice

We are here for you. You can always turn to our sales department for consultation. Call 020-240063 (or from abroad +46 13 327500), e-mail or contact your local Professional Partner. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Local presence

Our Professional Partners make us local all over the country. They make sure you always have skilled installers, salesmen, service personnel and consultants nearby.

  • Free security officer callouts

Many of our concepts include free security officer callouts. Apart from security, this means great economic benefits and simple budgeting.

Observer Direct has special terms.

  • We are there for you, all the way

Securitas Direct are here for you, from our first contact to consultation, installation and alarm centre connection. We take responsibility for your security system, incoming alarms and the correct actions. We are with you, all the way.  

  • Dedicated alarm centre

As a client with us, you are always connected to our alarm centre. At the centre, professional operators work around-the-clock, every day. The operators are Securitas Direct security solution specialists.

  • Support around-the-clock

Our customer service department is always open and happy to answer your questions regarding management, invoicing, action instructions and other things concerning your security system. Call 0771-327500 (from abroad +46 13 327500) or e-mail

  • Simple budgeting

As a client with us, you are always in total control of your costs. Our financial solution is simple – everything is included. A fixed price per month. No surprises.

  • Material warranty

All technical equipment eventually wears out. As a client with us, you don’t have give this a second thought – we always guarantee that your security system is complete and fully functional. 

Observer Direct has special terms.

  • My Pages

At My Pages you can control your security system – manage your contact info, see your invoice history and use our additional services. If you have Observer Direct, you can follow your camera monitoring live, see people counting statistics or turn alarm functions on or off.

A clear concept, adapted to reality and easily budgeted. Today, we have a basic solution that works well in all our stores.

Christer Fridell

Safety Manager,

Hemtex AB

Fast, professional and good service made us choose Securitas Direct. We have never regretted that decision.

Mats Andersson

Property Manager,

Maskingruppen, Ängelholm

Having Securitas Direct as a supplier feels really safe. There’s a reason why they are number one in Sweden.

James Dankha


Kebab House Lkpg