We know what happens. When it’s happening.

We can offer you the most state of the art camera monitoring concept on the market. Never before have security officers or the Police had faster or more accurate information on incidents and perpetrators. Observer Direct is a unique camera service, created for professional use.

The ultimate professional camera service

Now we and you can monitor all kinds of incidents in real time. The film is saved at your company and, in case of an incident, also at Securitas Direct. Afterwards, we can both search for specific episodes and see what happened, in high definition.

Securitas Direct is the long time market leader in alarm installations and professional services in Sweden. With Observer Direct, we’ve added the latest camera technology and can offer you services for a more secure and more profitable business – not least since our prices are very budgetable.

  • 24 hour connection
  • High definition quality
  • Double back-up
  • Function control
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Many camera alternatives
  • Budgetable prices
  • Sabotage protection
Smarta kamerorna och mjukvaror kan programmeras att reagera exempelvis när någon rör sig otillåtet inom ett visst område.

The brain-power in, and behind, the camera

Smart cameras and software can be programmed to react to certain things – for example when somebody moves in an unauthorized way within a specific area. In this way, the camera signals when an intruder crosses an invisible boundary within the area. Cameras can also be programmed to signal only when someone enters or exits a zone. This kind of video analysis can be used in many ways.

Observer Direct Trygg är ett kamerapaket för personalens trygghet, anpassat och paketerat för butik, kontor och reception.

Observer Direct Trygg

A camera packet optimised for staff security at stores, offices and receptions. With Observer Direct Trygg, we have combined the very latest camera technology with a strategically placed alarm button. A light touch on the button sends an instant, silent signal to our professional operators who can immediately observe the incident live and take the action we both have agreed on beforehand. If you already have an alarm from another supplier, you can just add Observer Direct Trygg and improve your company security around the clock.

Vårt mest omfattande Observer Direct-paket Flex startar med utomhusbevakning och kan också omfatta bevakning inomhus.

Observer Direct Flex

Flex is our most comprehensive Observer Direct package. It starts with outdoor monitoring and can be completed with indoor monitoring as well. Outdoors, the cameras can be programmed to react – through video analysis – when someone crosses an invisible boundary that you have specified. There are also cameras which our operators can navigate from the alarm centre to search through a specific area or follow the movements of a suspect.

Furthermore, we can prevent burglaries or vandalism about to happen by informing the perpetrator – over a loudspeaker on the wall – that they have been observed and that a task force is on its way. Security and Police officers then can be provided with descriptions, escape routes and other important information, in real time. Observer Direct Flex answers to all your company security needs.

Genom kamerabaserad besöksräkning får du mycket tillförlitlig data över antalet besökare i din verksamhet.

Observer Direct Optimera

Through a camera-based people counting system, you get very accurate data of how many visitors you actually have in your store or other business. You can choose to see your data per month, per day or even per hour. This information is a powerful tool for you when you want to adapt for example staff timetabling or plan your marketing activities in order to have maximum effect. All information is available at My Pages. Optimera can be easily integrated with your existing Observer Direct system.

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Always included in Observer Direct

As with all our concepts, Observer Direct comes with a number of services included. For instance, all our customers have access to My Pages – a service which becomes extra valuable to you as an Observer Direct client. At My Pages you can follow your camera monitoring and turn alarm functions on or off. What is more, your connection to the alarm centre becomes even more useful as the operators always have accurate information, in real time.

  • My Pages
  • Alarm transmission 24/7/365
  • Three year material warranty
  • Support 24/7/365
  • GSM/GPRS and/or broadband
  • Connection to alarm centre
  • Monitoring 24/7/365
  • Professional service

Swedish camera law

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