We know what happens. When it’s happening.

We can offer you the most state of the art camera monitoring concept on the market. Never before have security officers or the Police had faster or more accurate information on incidents and perpetrators. Observer Direct is a unique camera service, created for professional use.

The ultimate professional camera service

Now we and you can monitor all kinds of incidents in real time. The film is saved at your company and, in case of an incident, also at Securitas Direct. Afterwards, we can both search for specific episodes and see what happened, in high definition. Securitas Direct is the long time market leader in alarm installations and professional services in Sweden. With Observer Direct, we’ve added the latest camera technology and can offer you services for a more secure and more profitable business – not least since our prices are very budgetable.

Benefits of a professional camera service:

  • 24 hour connection
  • High definition quality
  • Double back-up at an alarm
  • Function control
  • My Pages
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Many camera alternatives
  • Budgetable prices
  • Sabotage protection
  • Very high clearance rate

Want to know more about Observer Direct?

The ultimate professional camera service Observer Direct with 24 hour connection to our alarm centre.

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Exceptionally high clearance rate with

Observer Direct

Companies that have chosen to upgrade to Observer Direct notice a distinct improvement regarding crime clearance rate – both when it comes to stopping an ongoing crime and when it comes to finding out what happened afterwards. In many cases, long-running problems with theft and burglary have ceased completely.

In 2014 more than 200 captures were made in just over 300 turnouts. Consequently, two out of three turnouts led to a capture.

Smarta kamerorna och mjukvaror kan programmeras att reagera exempelvis när någon rör sig otillåtet inom ett visst område.

The brain-power in, and behind, the camera

Smart cameras and software can be programmed to react to certain things – for example when somebody moves in an unauthorized way within a specific area. In this way, the camera signals when an intruder crosses an invisible boundary within the area. Cameras can also be programmed to signal only when someone enters or exits a zone. This kind of video analysis can be used in many ways.

High definition image quality

All our cameras film in high definition and the material is stored at your company. At an incident, sequences are stored at Securitas Direct as well. This means that we or the police can search backwards for an event – in high definition. The image quality gives us the possibility to zoom in on persons or causes of events.

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