Increase your profitability through people counting

Get accurate statistics on how many visitors you have in your store, when they enter and
when they exit. Coordinate your visitor statistics with your cash desk system to find out if your visitors bought anything. In a nutshell – get a smart tool for increasing your profitability.

Observer Direct Optimera is a camera based people counting system which makes it easier for you to plan staffing, opening hours and market activities. You make the move from gut feeling to evidence based knowledge, and get the facts and figures you need to rationalize your planning and increase your profitability.

Superior accuracy

One of the big pros of Observer Direct Optimera is the accuracy. Since the camera registers visitors much more precisely than traditional people counters – the accuracy is more than 95 percent – you get very reliable information. Information that can help you work as effectively as possible. It’s time to stop guessing and start knowing.

Benefits of Observer Direct Optimera:

  • High accuracy
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Accessible statistics
  • Function control
  • Obtainable My Pages interface
  • Sabotage protection
  • Available in smartphone app
  • Budgetable price
  • Integrated with cloud services

Interested in people counting?

People counter solution Observer Direct Optimera is connected to our alarm centre 24/7/365 for support and service readiness. Sabotage alarm and disconnection alarm included.

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How it works

Observer Direct Optimera is a people counter solution, integrated with our cloud services.
One or several cameras at the entry count all your visitors. The people counter makes a
difference between people entering and people exiting. It also saves information on what time people went in or out.

You get quick access to the people counter statistics through My Pages, where you can
follow the real time information on your computer, portable reading device or smartphone.

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