Staff security around the clock

Our number one priority is the security of yourself and your staff. And of course we also want to make sure you get to keep what’s yours – products, machines and other valuables. A premium security solution ensures a smooth workday, eventually leading to better profitability.

A camera packet optimised for staff security

Observer Direct Trygg is a camera packet optimised for staff security at stores, offices and receptions. Here, we have combined the very latest camera technology with a strategically placed alarm button. A light touch on the button sends an instant, silent signal to our professional operators who can immediately observe the incident live and take the action we both have agreed on beforehand. If you already have an alarm from another supplier, you can just add Observer Direct Trygg and improve your company security around the clock.

Camera surveillance benefits:

  • High definition quality
  • Double back-up at an alarm
  • Alarm button
  • Access to My Pages
  • 24 hour connection
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Dedicated alarm centre
  • Many camera alternatives
  • Budgetable prices
  • Sabotage protection

Improve staff security around the clock

Observer Direct Trygg – our latest camera technology combined with alarm button and connection to our alarm centre 24/7/365.

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A silent signal for professional help

The alarm is activated by you or your co-worker by pressing a strategically placed button. A silent signal and a film clip are sent to the alarm centre, where the correct action can be taken immediately. An operator follows and records the course of events. He or she also
gives Security and Police officers information in real time.

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