Vi anpassar våra säkerhetslösningar efter dina behov.

You have individual
needs. We offer
individual solutions.

Regardless of your line of business, we have the right security solution. Each system is based on standardised solutions, but combinations vary depending on what’s required. That’s why we can offer a wide range of qualified services at very reasonable prices, suited to every company – from the one-man office to corporations with nationwide representation.

For all lines of business

With more than 25 years’ experience and over 60.000 companies on our customer master list, we have come to know almost every trade there is. We understand the specific needs and technical terms of your business. Listening to our customers is what has made us the market leader in business security solutions.

  • Warehouses and Stores

An accessible area also opens up for thefts and threats. Observer Direct Trygg is tailor-made for this purpose. And with Observer Direct Optimera you get people counting statistics, which helps you rationalize your business and improve profitability.

  • Offices

A well-reasoned investment in a professional office alarm system always pays back. Your company gets an effective, preventive protection against burglary, fire and expensive production stoppages.

  • Industries and Repair shops

With Observer Direct Flex, you monitor and protect industries, repair shops and outdoor sites from intrusion, theft and fire. All rolled into one integrated security system.

  • Healthcare

Medicins are attractive to thieves, but healthcare premises are often accessible. An alarmed area can be divided into zones. Rooms containing highly theft-attractive material can be alarmed 24/7, while other rooms can be used freely.

  • Farming

Farms and rural operations such as riding schools, breeding companies and stables are always exposed to burglary, fire and vandalism. Together with you, and any authorities, we tailor make a solution.

  • Construction

A construction site can be difficult to monitor. There’s always the risk of theft and vandalism. With our flexible alarm and camera solutions, we can quickly adapt your security to different stages of the construction process.

  • Restaurants, Bars & Cafés

Security routines for your business and for the safety of your employees is an absolute must. Professional burglar, fire and assault alarms by the counter or counting room are basic parts of our security solutions.

  • Churches and Congregations

Churches and congregations are increasingly exposed to burglary, theft and vandalism. With a burglar alarm, which could be combined with an integrated fire detector and sensor alarms on extra valuable objects, our churches can remain free, accessible places for us all.

  • Associations

Clubs and associations are often based on non-profit work and have a strained economy. But what happens if there is vandalism, fire or burglary? Contact Securitas Direct for information on cost-effective security solutions.

  • Public operations

Public operations, such as social or technical services, are often run by the county or a contractor. We can offer security solutions for functions vital to society, e.g. alarms for the monitoring of nodes for water, electricity or telephone transmission.

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